Monday, October 8, 2012

Assholes in Progress

My new work " Assholes" is coming along. A good friend of mine, George Thomas wrote descriptions about these creatures. I will post some of the texts some point. Here are some images of my Assholes.

I also just finished a new book " Social Scene".  You can go to my website for more info.
Two of my books are included in an exhibition " For Your Eyes Only" at the Nevada Museum of Art. The show will be through October 20. The show looks amazing and I really enjoyed the panelists last weekend. Life can be hard and sometimes more than hard. But I can always be happy as long as I have art world. Go ART!!!!

My solo exhibition will be at OXS Gallery through November 16. You still have a time to go if you have not seen it. The show was reviewed on CarsonNow and Reno News and Review.