Thursday, September 5, 2013

Las Palmas

This is the last thing about Canary Island.
I was staying not far from Las Palmas. It was a beautiful city, where has incredible history behind it.
Let me start with some photos.
The island was completely remote from civilization for centuries until Spaniards came.
I could see the influence of Spanish, but also some Islamic influence as well.
The following picture is a kiosk in the street.
One of landmarks in Canary Island.
Beautiful street view. Yes, it is a definitely touristic place, yet very quiet and clean.
You can see many Spanish influence through buildings. But those balconies are very Canary style. 
There are some real old buildings from 14-15 century. A lot of them are from 19th.

I love the shapes of windows.
This is a very old building. When you open your arms, that is about the width of this building.
Were people smaller back then?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mountain life in Canary Island

Alfonso took me to the top of the mountain in Canary Island. The island was shaped after eruptions of volcano thousands years ago. There are eight islands and I am on one island called Grand Canaria. 
It was a nice day that I could see the other island, Tenerife. The mountain over there is the highest mountain in Spain.
Beautiful landscape. I also wish I could include the smell here too. 
Then we arrived in an old village. They used to dig mountains and lived there. Now people built actual houses in front of it so that you cannot really see how the cave home looks like. But this museum preserves the old cave home really well.
A beautiful entrance. I enjoyed their garden and a whole decorations as much as the actual museum.
Inside of the cave home.
This is how people here used to live.
Old kitchen area.

I loved this place. This was an amazing trip I will remember for a long time!