Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Human Shop at SNAP!

I had my solo exhibition " The Human Shop" from Jan 10 until Feb 14 at Snap in Edmonton, Albert, Canada. It was freezing cold( about -22f, purr) but I went there prepared. I had a pair of boots that could protect my feet up to -44f, hahaha!
Here is some images of my show.

 I used two walls to hang these guys. I showed some of them at 1078Gallery in Chico, California. I added additional 50 pieces and made total of 100!!!
 I also used plastic containers that was shipped from Seoul S.Korea.
 I am pretty content how the show went. The installation was somewhat closed what I was imagined in my head and the space was perfect for it.
 The exhibition was reviewed at Edmonton Journal. The writer wrote a nice review and I see the image of my exhibition other newspapers in other region of Canada!

 This is called "Plastic Surgery". I made this one in Gualan China at the end of 2013 while I was in sabbatical. I turned them into cards and finally got to show them in Edmonton!!

This is called "Heads" I actually finished sewing all of them just last week :).
There are many things to say but I would like to show images. Let my art speaks itself!!!