Saturday, July 12, 2014

A new beginning at the end of something.

Sorry guys. It has been a while. I promised you to keep updating my blog  but I stopped doing that once I went to China because it was blocked.  Then, I got busy with my life and have not had a desire to come back and write. So, I briefly explain what happened after Italy. I went to Korea to get visas and then went to Macau, HongKong, and mainland China. After New Year's day, I went to Cambodia and India. I saw a lot of different things. Some were good and some were bad, but mostly interesting. Now, it is my last day in Korea and going back to US tomorrow. I have so many pictures and thoughts to share but would like to end with some of images of my art that I had made.
 This is showing in NYC right now. My inspiration from India!
Faces and faces

I am so surprised by some of new trends in Korean culture. About a century ago, the Korean government made a new law that people could have their hair cut if they wanted, which was illegal for centuries. Some people committed suicide to protest that they would never change or get rid of any part of their bodies that was given to them from their parents. A century later, Koreans are going completely opposite direction from how we used to be. When I visit Korea this time, I could not believe how plastic surgery was so popular. People can change anyway they want if they have money. You would not believe what kind of changes you can make. I find it very ironic.

I have so many pictures that I would like to share and much more works that I have made for the year of traveling. When I get back, I will try to post more, but for now, I am wrapping up this amazing journey I have had for a year with this post.  I am sad that this journey is getting over but also very excited for a new beginning. Who knows what is waiting around the corner of my life!