Friday, December 3, 2010

Solo Exhibition Reception.

It has been eight years since I left korea. If you remember my work eight years ago, you will be surprised how much my work has changed. I am really excited and nervous about my solo exhibition after eight years. If you are in town, please come by my opening. I would love to see you. Catalogue for the exhibition is available. If you would like to have a catalogue of the exhibition, please send me your name and address. I will send you one.

인간 메너리즘에 관한연구- 사회구조속에서 일어나는 인간의 이기성을 중심으로

전시기간 :2010년 12월 17일-29

주최: 국민 체육진흥공단 경주 사업본부
경기도 광명시 광명 6
780 광명 경륜장 스피돔 4
스피돔 겔러리
관람시간: 매주 수목 10-6/ 10-7
오프닝: 12 17 5-7pm
휴관: 매주 ,
82)2- 2067-5488

A Study of Human Mannerisms- Their Self-Indulgence In the Social Structure

Exhibition: December 17-29, 2010

Sponsored by Korea Sports Promotion Foundation
Speedom Gallery
780 Kyang-Myung Speedom 4F
Kyang-Myung 6 Dong, Kyang-Myung City
KyungKi Do, S. Korea
Gallery Hours: Wed/Thur 10am-6pm/Fri 10am-7pm
Gallery Close: Mon/Tue
Opening Reception: December 17, 5-7pm, 2010
Tell: 82)2-2067-5488

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