Monday, November 5, 2012

logo printing with letterpress and done with Assholes

 I printed the logo for plastic boxes last Friday at Black Rock Press. After a couple of hours, I had these beautiful letterpress prints!!! I don't know if you guys can see what it says. The logo says " AssHoles".  Oops... Sorry if I offended you. I was going to write " The Human Shop" because that was my original idea, but I changed my mind. I still want to keep   " The Human Shop" as a project, but I want to call these guys " Assholes".  Anyway,  I was printing these and Bob Blesse came into the press and said " You need some newsprint to cover those assholes".  I am having so much fun to talk to people about this project and use this bad word without any guilt, hehe.

I cut them into single pieces and then put them in each plastic box.

These are the final pictures! My dear student Sebastian Diaz took these photos for me. I am going to make a lot more of these but I still have many enough to take some shots.
Sebastian also took pictures of my AssHoles magnetics.

These are some close up shot and here is a whole project shot.
I have been working on this project since last July. To be honest, I am really sick of looking at this at the moment after working on four months straight. Just looking at it makes me sick. So, I put them all aside for now. I am so done with these Assholes!

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