Thursday, June 27, 2013

media coverage for my Bilbao Exhibition.

ArtHub in Korea

Nontzeberri in Spain

Deia in Spain

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  1. I love the DEIA article! Here is a translation of their description of your work:

    "An this moment in the collapse of capitalism, of financial cannibalism, of transnational corporations eating up nation-states in a war that they have already won, Eunkang shows our
    complicity as compulsive consumers, as collaborators in this system that devours us. In short, of being suicidal turn-coats. A strange combination" explain the organizers of this exhibit at the TALLER DE GRABADO. In this way, "the artist provides visual representation of this absurdity by means of the creation of a series of hybrid creatures that are simultaneously comic and grotesque portraits. Ironic gestures that are meant to reflect this absurdist time."