Saturday, October 19, 2013


Ok, let's talk about my trip to Italy. I started from Venice and went to Florence. I am staying in Rome right now. It has been nothing but wonderful. I have been to many places but I have to admit Italy is one of the most amazing places I have ever visited. There are so many things to see, do, eat, and buy!
Some friends suggested that I should get apartments and it was an excellent idea. Especially person like me who has diet restriction, would benefit a lot!
When we were in Venice, I could cook excellent meals with reasonable budgets and avoid crazy expensive and horrible restaurant foods in Venice. I also have amazing experiences at local markets- fresh porchini mushroom, prosciutto, salami, cheese,  and other fruits and vegetables in Italy.

It was a small studio in Asanale, two minutes from Biennale. So convenient if you are an artsy people.

The apartment I stayed in Florence. It was a quite fancy place and two minute walk from Duomo.

And this apartment in Rome... I forgot to take pictures when I first came in. It is two hundred years old, which is very young for Rome. It is not as nice as other two but the place is located in right next to Roman Foro and Colosseum. What else do you need in Rome? You will be too busy to be outside anyways.

As I said, I cooked quite a bit here in Italy. We can buy gluten free stuff here fine. I found very good gluten free spaghetti in Florence. 

Fresh mozzarella and tomatoes with red wine.
Yummy prosciutto and cheese in Venice.

My hand size jujube. It was awesome.

I dinned out a bit as well. There is the oldest cafe in Venice called Florian. It is a bit too crazy expensive for a cup of tea, but well for one time with live music play, that is not too bad.
This seafoods look fine but it was an awful experience in Venice. Never ever go to restaurants in tourist areas in Venice.

After that, I forgot to take pictures of foods. I met with my old friend Kate in Venice. She gave me a tip that we should go little streets off of the main roads. Then, I found some nice restaurants. I did not go to any restaurants in Florence because Central Market was five minutes from my apartment and they had really amazing fresh produce that I just wanted to buy them and cook!
Here in Rome, I got too lazy to cook, plus it is pretty cheap to eat out here.  I had seafood pasta with gluten free noodle for lunch near Spanish Piazza area once. 

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