Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New Drawing Project "What I Eat"

After my show "The Human Shop" in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, I went through some post exhibition depression as usual. I was happy that the show went well but at the same time, I was very sad it was over. I did not do anything for a month. Spring semester started a week after my show was over so that I was preoccupied with school work. 
I slowly started working on some creatures as usual and felt really sick of everything I did before.  I wanted to start working on some new artwork but did not know what. Also, it was quite painful to go back to studio practice after taking a break for a month.  Suddenly started to think about drawing everything I eat while I was eating peanut butter cup chocolates!
 At first, I started to draw almond milk I alway drink in the morning, peanut butter cup chocolate, some onion leftovers.
 That is how my project "What I Eat" started. I was doing this just for fun. Then, I started to think this project as drawing challenge, which means that I would draw what I eat one everyday.
 This is grilled peppers at Old Granite Street Eatery that I ate last Friday.
 Here is my very first drawing.
 This is my typical meal looks like. I eat brown rice with beans and some side dishes.
 Sometimes, pasta with a glass of red wine.
I wanted to draw sushi so I went to eat and take pictures to draw, haha. What a great excuse, ugh?

I can't draw anything when I have to do school work. So, I do two or three drawings so I don't feel bad when I can't work in the studio. I still feel I make one drawing a day. I am thinking to do this for 100 days and see how it will end. I have done 15 so far. Please keep checking on my blog and see how my drawing progress!!!


  1. I really love your drawings! I think it's great idea for you to have something new after a period of making prints like crazyyyyyyyyy last semester! I'm very looking forward to seeing more of these!

  2. 그림이 다 너무 이쁘고 건강해 보이고 다 먹어 보고 싶은 그림이네요~