Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Agaete and Puerto de las Nieves y Dedo de Dios

I thought I bought enough foods for a week, but realized that I needed more. I asked Alfonso if there is any little store I could walk. He said no. But he took me to a supermarket so that I could buy things I needed. On the way back, he showed me the east side of the island. Oh my god, I could see why people love Canary island.

It was between two mountains. Alfonso was so kind that he stopped the car for me to take some photos.

After food shopping, we went a place called Agaete. This is a shot of Puerto de las Nieves y Deodo de Dios.
Look at the water. It was so clean and clear!

I love the architecture of the island. Alfonso said that a lot of buildings are built recent and they are kind of cheating the style. He said that this is close to real Canary island style except for the terrace part. The one on the right hand side is true Canary style.

I can see big influence from Islamic culture.

I love and love all these plants in the island. I will have to post only plants series some points.

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