Thursday, August 8, 2013

Basque Feast and Guggenheim

Like Korea, people in Basque welcome other people with amazing foods. There is saying in Basque Country, if your guest leaves hungry, it will be vey a shame of you the  rest of your life. 
When they say that, they were not kidding.
We went to this restaurant that was located on the top of a mountain in Bilbao.
It started with octopus and potatoes. They even had gluten free bread, which was amazing.

The next one came.
I ate this much!
Then the next one came.
I don't know what is called in English but we Koreans eat this too.

The last one was a traditional Basque desert.

After that, I went to see Guggenheim museum and the spider.

If you want to buy souvenir from Bilbao, go to this store cross the river from the museum.
They have t shirts by the designer and some beautiful stuff! 
Let's support local busines!


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