Tuesday, August 6, 2013

La Taller gallery, Bilbao, Spain

If you are a printmaking artist, this is a gallery you must check out.
I also want this gallery to thrive that more printmaking artists show their work and more people appreciate printmaking. 
Maite runs the gallery, La Taller Gallery in Bilbao, Spain.

The gallery is located in beautiful Bilbao, Spain.
Here is the view from the gallery.

I had a great opportunity to show my work here. While I am visiting, I got some shots of the gallery.

Right next to the gallery, there is a small and beautiful printmaking workshop. They teach printmaking classes and have artists come and print their work.
Here is the workshop images.

And I made an intaglio plate and printed it there.

I am always supportive of non toxic printmaking but it was nice to do conventional style again.
I also never used brass plate. It was actually very nice. I wonder if I can get them in US.

Resin is being set.
The final work.

If you are planning on visiting Bilbao, check this gallery out.

The gallery information:
La Taller Gallery
C/Zumarraga 7,
Longja bajo.
Entrada por Maestro
Iciar S/N. 48006 Bilbao
Tell: 0034 94 672 2292 

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