Sunday, August 18, 2013

Foods in Canary Island

I have been eating really yummy cheese, fruites, and olives. I will show you what I have been eating while I am staying in Canary Island.
This is my table and lunch.
Plums from a tree. It was small and really sweet.
I went a farmer's market and local supermarket. I love having cold gabacho and Spanish cheese!
Papaya, plums, and cactus fruits. I don't know the name. Prickly pears? Or opuntias?
I did not know they have stings. I grabbed it by accident. Guess what happened after that...
This is my breakfast.
We had Korean food feast on Saturday evening. 
It was a lot of foods! Amazing night. It is kind of funny that I had to come all the way from Reno to Canary Island to eat Korean food, haha!
Typical Canary food. Boiled potatoes with spicy sauce, baked potatoes and pork, cheese, and corn deep with onion. 
Yum~ some sweets, of course.
And calamari. It was exceptional!

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