Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

I arrived in Las Palmas yesterday. I will be here for two weeks working at an artist in residence.
I will post some photos of my work I make here.
When I first arrived, the landscape did not really appeal to me. Then, I start feeling about this town a bit more today. 
It is clouded today

 Canary island is well known for tourism and beaches but it is not white sand beaches we imagine in our heads. Alfonso, the owner of the residency said that it used to be like that. Lately, new factories were built and sand beaches are gone. I look at a map. I am on the north east side of Canary island, which is cooler, temperature wise. I heard that south part of the island is hotter and very dense forest, but here is pretty much desert. 
There was volcano eruption, I don't know when, many years ago. You can see rocks like these everywhere.

     City of Las Palmas far away. The city right in front of the picture is Tinoca.

It is very diverse place. I heard there are a lot of Koreans settled here.
Soon enough, guess what I found.

I will try to take buses and explore the city more later this or early next week.

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