Friday, August 16, 2013

Electro non toxic intaglio

You might have wondered why I am in Canary Island. I came here to learn electro etching 
and make some art out of it. My teacher Alfonso taught me this amazing new technique.
This is an electro tank. It is a mixture of water and copper sulfate.
The principle of this process is that two copper metals are faced to each other.
Then, put some electricity into the solution. It sounds very complicated but very simple once you see it.
I am getting ready for some plates. You simply file the edges of the plates, sand them down, and degrees them with vinegar and whiting.

I use Lascaux resist for the process. First etch. Iron neutralizes copper sulfate.
Stop out some area.

After second etch, clean the resist.
Then, stop out for electro-tint, which is very similar effect to aquatint.
Right before putting the plate to the sulfate solution, make sure to put the plate into vinegar/salt solution to degrease the plate.
My first electro etching ever!

This is graphite ink technique. You use graphite ink from Graphic Chemicals with lithotine and cobalt dryer and apply it into the plate with a brayer.
I did an etching first.
Then, apply the graphite ink.
This is semi dry technique. Place your plate on newspaper and plastic wrap.
Place the plate and some fabric, strings, or paper. Put some sulfate on the plate.
Then, put two pieces of sulfate soaked felts and weight them.
These are some of my work that I did!

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