Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Electro non-toxic Intaglio workshop/residency

So, why am I in Canary Island? It is because I am at an artist residency and workshop. The residency is located in a rural part of Canary Island. If you are into touristic spots, this might disappoint you. But if you are looking for a new and different experience, you will have so much fun and get inspired here.
It is right outside of my room.
It is a beautiful room with a view. Every night I go to bed listening to the ocean.

There is a beautiful printmaking studio next to it.
I started to learn a new intaglio technique. Instead of using ferric chloride, I use water melted with copper sulfate and then use electricity to bite copper plates. I will have a different section only on this technique.
for more information about the residency and workshop.
Alfonso Crujera is in charge of the residency and workshop.
Here is the picture of him helping me.

You are not a printmaker? No worries. Some artists such as musicians or writers come here to compose or write. It is a very inspiring place as an artist.
I am sitting on a hammock at the residency and looking at the ocean.

Another thing you will enjoy is all these exotic plants around you. I am painting some of them and I will also have a section only on plants on Canary Island.
Right outside of my window.

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