Monday, August 5, 2013

Getting started.

It was a rough start. My flight to san francisco was delayed. Surprisingly, I only had less than 20 minutes, plus I had to pee so bad. I had to decide between missing a flight and pee on my pants. I had two minutes left and there was a long line in front of the restroom. Guess what, all these people let me pee first so that I could catch my flight. So, I got on the flight. Then the captain had to call an emergency landing in Montreal because somebody got really sick. We had to wait for 5 hours on the airplane not knowing when we could continue our journey. Again, surprisingly, I was not late to catch another flight to Bilbao from Frankfurt. They did not even lose my luggage!!! If you know me, you know my story will never be easy and safe. This trip had all the elements to go wrong but everything came out great. 
And this is what I had.

Street view from my apartment in Bilbao.
Bar hopping. A lot of awesome wine and tapas.
This is how I start my traveling!

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